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The Real Reason The PlayStation Portable Is Trending On Twitter

The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, is once again trending on Twitter. The handheld, which was developed and produced by Sony, is creating a huge buzz on social media. 

The PlayStation Portable was released in North America on March 24th, 2005. Many gamers have taken to Twitter to express their love and appreciation for the handheld console — crediting the PlayStation Portable for their nostalgic childhood memories. Twitter users, for the second time this year, are letting Sony know that they miss the PlayStation Portable.


Fans of the console came together to reminisce and discuss the marvelous features that the handheld console had to offer. Gamers all seemed to be in accord — the PlayStation Portable was ahead of its time. Its overall functionality, sleek design, and modern take on gaming have, without a doubt, left an impression on the gaming community.

Before now, the PlayStation Portable was notably trending on Twitter back in July, according to Game Rant. Every single time the console finds a spot on the trending list, the posts are always positive. 

The resurgent popularity of the handheld system is likely due to the latest release of the PlayStation 5 on November 12th. Twitter user @heykelechi stated, "The PSP was a cultural reset. Way ahead of its time. Classic. Unforgettable." This user also added that they still had their original PSP and would never part with it.


Advocates on Twitter are going as far as to imply that the PlayStation Portable was the product that ushered in the design and functionality of the Nintendo Switch. One user said, "Their Nintendo Switch was our PSP," suggesting that the Switch is the modern equivalent of the handheld PlayStation Portable. In all of the excitement, there has even been a split between PSP gamers, with some users believing that the later PlayStation Vita was not receiving enough credit, despite being a powerhouse console on its own. 

The PlayStation Vita was a solid handheld system that improved on many of the original features of the PSP. Unfortunately, the console's price point was way too high in comparison to its predecessor. As a result, the PS Vita was a complete failure in sales, and some have speculated that the Vita brought upon the end of the Sony handheld devices. 

This seems like a good time for fans to revisit this underrated portable console. However, if you do decide to reminisce and power up your old PSP, make sure to check the battery, since there have been reports of PlayStation Portable batteries swelling and leaking.