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The Forgotten Mega Man Game That Deserves A Remake

Mario and all his friends get to have all sorts of fun, whether it's partying, kart racing, baseball, tennis, golf, or soccer. Why can't other video game mascots hop on the field or court and get in some good old fashioned exercise?


Well, believe it or not, Capcom's beloved Blue Bomber, Mega Man, got to work his gears and circuits back in the '90s in his very own sports game. Mega Man Soccer landed on the Super Nintendo in 1994, and it was a strange spinoff game that many gamers probably weren't expecting to see. The title has fallen into relative obscurity as a bit of an odd moment in the series. How come Mega Man Soccer didn't catch on like Mario sports games? Why hasn't Capcom allowed Mega Man to pursue other athletic endeavors since 1994 (not counting Mega Man Battle & Chase)? This is why Mega Man Soccer is long overdue for a remake.

Mega Man Soccer had potential, but it was unfinished

Back in its day, Mega Man Soccer received quite the bag of mixed reviews. According to Defunct Games, the game averaged a 60% score, with most critiques focusing on the controls and lack of defining characteristics. That doesn't mean the game didn't have potential.


Kris Randazzo of Geekade loves it simply because it's a soccer game with these beloved characters. The game could have been a hit, but it didn't get the love and attention from Capcom it deserved.

The Cutting Room Floor revealed that Mega Man Soccer had many things dropped from the final product. Championship mode, tournament mode, and league mode were all to have proper endings, but instead the game simply returns to the title menu, leaving players with an anticlimactic finish. There were also plans to include Dr. Wily as a playable character upon completing the game, but without endings he was left to sit this one out. Mega Man Soccer was going to allow 4-player support, but it too was cut. 


All of these lost features could have made it so much more exciting. A remake that brought those concepts back could end up being a worthwhile game.