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Fortnite Glitch Puts Players In The Driver's Seat

Fortnite players are gearing up for tomorrow's Galactus live event, which will end Season 4 with a bang. Now, one player has found a leak that lets players get a sneak peek at world-destroying Marvel villain Galactus ahead of time — by driving the Battle Bus.


Glitch King, a prominent YouTuber dedicated to finding Fortnite bugs, posted a video on exactly how to do this. While he claims the video is meant to assist game developers, it's more likely that the more than 445,000 views on it are from players who want to learn how to get in on the Battle Bus-driving action.

First, players will want to start up any limited-time game mode in which Galactus is visible upon the map. Then, you'll want to hop on the Battle Bus as its heading for Coral Islands and Galactus. Here comes the tricky part: "Once you are in the Battle Bus you need to disconnect your Internet [unplug ethernet] 2 seconds before the bus kicks you out," Glitch King notes on the YouTube video


If you've done the move correctly, the battle bus won't kick you off, and you'll be able to leave the island on the bus, pass through the storm clouds, and check out Galactus close up. Players should be able to use replay mode to zoom in and examine his giant head more closely — he's bigger than some of the islands out there.

Now that people are aware of this bug, and with a new season coming by the end of the week, this interesting little glitch's days may be numbered. So, if you want to check it out for yourself, you'll want to do it as soon as you can.

As a battle royale game Fortnite is known for its live events, which provide ever-changing and refreshed gameplay, and the one coming is a big one. It caps a season of crossover action with favorite Marvel superheroes fighting the Nexus War and precedes Season 5, of which leaks abound. 

For example, a data miner just revealed an early look at the new Galactus skin that should be available for the event. Data miners are also saying that they've found throwbacks from older events that may appear as flashback events. One data miner, @ShiinaBR, has been pretty busy outlining all the things that might be available during the event and in Season 5, and among them may be a legitimate way to drive and control the Battle Bus. 


As for Season 5, rumors say that a Mandalorian bonus skin is coming with the new Battle Pass. There's plenty to look forward to if you're a Fortnite fan!