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The Underrated Kirby Game That Deserves A Remake

The Kirby franchise debuted on the Game Boy. Not only was it a must-have for Nintendo's first handheld system, but it spawned one of the company's most important series.

Named after John Kirby, the lawyer who defended Nintendo in a major copyright case back in the '80s, the loveable pink hero has been sucking up baddies for nearly three decades. While Kirby is best known for his action/platforming games (and for being one of the cheapest fighters in the Super Smash Bros. series), he has had his fair share of spin-offs. One notable spin-off is a Super Nintendo game that is long overdue for a revisit of some kind.


Kirby's Dream Course places the titular protagonist in a game that's essentially a unique interpretation of golf. It's an underrated classic that sadly hasn't received the attention it deserves. If you've played Kirby's Dream Course, there's a good chance you would agree it deserves a remake.

Playing Kirby's Dream Course is a dream

Kirby's Dream Course is a fun title, though it's easy to see how some may have missed this underrated gem. A.T. Gonzalez over at GameTyrant didn't know what to make of the game when he was a kid, and hated it as a result. He grew to appreciate Kirby's Dream Course after he gained a better understanding of what it was — an isometric golf game where Kirby himself is the ball.


Retronauts' Jeremy Parish said, "it's time to give Kirby's Dream Course its due." After the SNES Classic Edition came out, Parish was quick to defend its inclusion, calling it "a fun little game that intersects with a mainstream sport, yet has its own personality and rules." Two Average Gamers writer Julian asserted that Kirby's Dream Course deserves a sequel. He even went on to propose a number of ways a new installment could improve upon the original.

Indeed, it's time for Nintendo to bring back this classic golf game. A new Kirby's Dream Course would be a fantastic treat for today's gamers.