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Here's Why Brutal Legend Is Still Worth Playing In 2020

Tim Schafer and the rest of the talented development team at Double Fine Productions are responsible for crafting some incredible games. The studio delved into the world of platforming with Psychonauts, produced a traditional RPG in Costume Quest, and developed a classic point-and-click adventure title called Broken Age. Double Fine's next project is the long-awaited sequel to the first Psychonauts game, which is officially slated to be published by Xbox Game Studios.


One of Double Fine's other significant releases made headlines before, during, and after its release. The game was expected to be so huge that it even managed to grab the cover spot for the November 2007 issue of Game Informer. Plenty of hype was attached to the game thanks to the inclusion of a lovable actor lending his vocal talents to the main character, numerous rock and roll legends, and a soundtrack full of hardcore tunes.

That game is the hidden PS3 gem known as Brutal Legend. Although it ended up being a flop for EA, Brutal Legend still has its fans, and it's still worth playing in 2020.

Brutal Legend is a fun mix of action/adventure and RTS mechanics

Brutal Legend takes place within a fantasy realm that's inspired by the legends of rock and roll.

The game follows Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), the world's best roadie who just so happens to work for the world's worst heavy metal band. After an accident takes place and knocks the roadie out, Eddie comes to and finds himself within the aforementioned metal-infused world. Eddie eventually learns that his new home is full of humans being enslaved by demons. In a bid to free the human race, Eddie groups up with some fellow metalheads to save the day.


Joining the human resistance gives players the chance to interact with recognizable rock and roll legends, such as Ozzy Osbourne. As players used their axe and guitar to take down waves of demons, as well as command legions of fellow headbangers, Brutal Legends' rocking soundtrack would blare in the background. Licensed metal tunes added excitement to the game's fierce combat encounters and high-octane driving sections.

Brutal Legend is not only an enjoyable hack and slash endeavor, but it's also a surprisingly fun and deep real-time strategy experience.