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Small Details You Missed In Red Dead Redemption 2 Update

As of Dec. 1, there's a new update available for Red Dead Redemption 2. Plenty of information has been released already about the expansion of the Bounty Hunters role, which will have 10 new ranks, new targets, additional high-level items, new weapon variants and more. The Outlaw Pass No. 4 is also being added, bringing new rewards and enhancements for purchase through March 15, 2021. Also well-publicized is the fact that Red Dead Online is a stand-alone game now, so you no longer need to purchase Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to access it.


Additionally, there's controversy brewing around the update, mainly due to the fact that Daily Challenge streaks will no longer be able to be maintained after 27 days, and streak counters will be reset after players receive a one-time cash payment of $600 in-game. Fans are not happy about losing these streaks, and about getting less money for completing daily challenges, which means this little detail in the update is getting plenty of press. It's not the first time a Red Dead update has ignited anger.

But there's more to Update 1.26 than these big changes and the usual bug fixes and upgrades. Here are some small details that you may have missed about the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 update, as they've been overshadowed by bigger news.


The Naturalist Photo Challenge results

Over the summer, developer Rockstar Games invited fans to use the Advanced Camera to participate in the Naturalist Photo Challenge, documenting their expeditions into the territories of the Red Dead Redemption world with a focus on anything from fashion and wildlife to scenery. More than 10,000 photos were submitted, and the developer chose six of its favorites out of the vast array. They were chosen based on "exceptional creativity, originality, quality of composition, and artistic direction," according to a Rockstar Games Newswire article on the contest.


The six winning photos appear in Red Dead Online as Camp Flags, Bar Portraits, or Photo Studio Backdrops now that the new update has dropped. So, if you keep an eye out for these images, you'll be able to view them in the game. The winning pictures don't make up a particularly important Easter egg, but their inclusion has value because it reflects the vibrancy and interactiveness of the community that Red Dead Online has built.

New clothes and other aesthetic options

According to the patch notes, more than 40 new items and variations of Clothing and Outfits are now available in the update.

Additionally, players can experience six more emotes, also unlocked through the Bounty Hunger and Outlaw Pass Rewards: Spin & Aim, Beckon, Idea, Outpour, Best Shot, and Cuckoo. Players can now even choose whether to have Stubble or No Stubble in combination with any beard option. Upping the coolness factor of your character, there's a new walk style available, called Inquisitive. A new Gunspinning Management option lets you select and swap gun tricks.


Even the horses are getting more appearance options, and you can equip your Advanced Camera while riding, too. Mustangs now come in buckskin, black overo, chestnut tovero, and red dun overo, while Missouri Fox Trotters are now available in blue roan, black tovero, buckskin brindle, and dapple gray. They have more tails, manes, and moustaches to choose from. There's also a new coat variation for the Husky Camp Dog, unlockable through Outlaw Pass Rewards: Australian Shepherd (Sable).

None of these changes really affect gameplay, but they give you more variety as you explore the open, Western-style world of this influential action game

Discounts and bonuses

The 1.26 update also provides for a number of discounts and bonuses. All players get Rewards for 2,000 Club XP and 2,000 Bounty Hunter XP during the first week of the update. If you're Rank 5 or above, you get a treasure map, and players at Rank 10 and above get a free Ability Card Upgrade of their choice. 


Pamphlets, Melee Weapons and Thrown Weapons are 30 percent off. Tents, Camp Themes, Camp Dogs and the Fast Travel Post are 40 percent off with the update. 

Other sales include 30 percent discounts on all Stable Slots, Repeaters, Pistols, the Schofield Revolver, and all horses. You'll also get 30 percent off Saddles, Coats (not including Legendary Animal clothing), Vests, and Role Outfits. 

Players get a 5 Gold Bar discount on the Bounty Hunter License too. If you want to purchase Novice, Promising, Established, and Distinguished Bounty Hunter Items, they're 40 percent off. Also, new players get double the usual XP for completing "A Land of Opportunities" missions. Players can also receive a $100 in-game bonus for completing "Kill Them, Each and Every One" and "Destroyed by Grief."