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This Is How To Easily Beat Demon's Souls' First Major Boss

The Demon's Souls remake was released on Nov. 12, 2020, as a launch title for the PS5.

Demon's Souls has been praised for living up to the original game and for reinvigorating the graphics to match the current hardware on the newest generation of game systems. The remake added new weapons, armor, and accessories. The developers of the remake have improved aspects of the original, but have also added a great deal of new content as well.


Demon's Souls fans can expect a similar, but unique, journey when they jump into the remake. Although much more content has been added, some of the general mechanics and exploits have remained the same. The difficulty level, for instance, has remained pretty much the same. The original Demon's Souls allowed players to encounter and fight boss demons, but very many of these bosses had glaring weaknesses. This made some bosses very easy to dismantle in the midst of battle.

This still holds true for the Demon's Souls remake.

How can you easily defeat the first boss?

It depends on what you classify as the "first boss." Demon's Souls provides the players with a tutorial in which they are pitted against the Vanguard boss. The Vanguard boss is fully optional and players can simply skip the fight altogether by running past the demon and diving into a hole that is located right behind the boss. Alternatively, players can take on the boss and learn a few valuable lessons that will keep them alive — so you might want to face this guy.


Luckily, you can easily defeat the tutorial boss with the use of melee attacks. Just keep dodging and stay focused on attacking the backside of the demon. Its major cleave, as well as its butt slam, leaves it susceptible to back attacks. Rinse and repeat. 

Phalanx is what most people would consider the true first boss of Demon's Souls. This boss is actually easier to deal with than the Vanguard demon. Phalanx is exceedingly weak against fire. So make sure to pick up all firebombs before you reach this part of the game. Players can also stop by and meet with the Dregling merchant and buy more firebombs in exchange for souls.