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Why The New Apex Legends Holiday Skins Are Causing An Uproar

The holiday season is a big time for game developers and fans alike, with many studios coming up with their next big holiday updates. Last year, Apex Legends came up with the Holo-Day Bash, which featured the Winter Express train mission and a number of seasonal skins. Apex Legends brought back the event again this year, and gamers looked forward to seeing what new goodies were in store. Unfortunately, they were not happy with what they found.


The trailer for the Holo-day Bash release showcased some of the new skins, including Loba in her Crystalline Perfection skin and matching weapon. However, in a tweet from fan account Apex Legends News, a photo showed the new skin bundles with their accompanying weapons, but something was off. It looked like the Legends' outfit skins didn't match with their corresponding weapon, and if players wanted to acquire both, they would need to purchase multiple packs. 

Apex Legends News tweeted, "If anyone's confused, those weapon skins are clearly matched with Legend skins, but are conveniently in different bundles. Holo-Day Bash event is great, but we feel this is wrong." As pointed out by Apex Legends News, the characters are all pictured with the correct matching weapons in the trailer.


It looks like Apex Legends fans agree with that statement. Comments on the Twitter thread ranged from annoyance to a complete lack of surprise, while others hoped that EA will see the fans' displeasure and correct the issue.

A Reddit thread which features a screenshot of the tweet also has fans talking. Some comments in the thread compared the new Holo-Day pack to the disastrous Iron Crown community event, where players had to shell out a lot of cash to get the newest cosmetic loot boxes, and only two were available for free during gameplay.

While Apex Legends has always been free to play, the game has relied heavily on the purchase of loot boxes. The EA studio has seen its share of controversy thanks to this marketing tactic, including the Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle and even a number of civil suits — most recently resulting with EA Sports getting sued over FIFA 21. Yet in spite of fans' seeming frustrations over the loot box controversies, Apex Legends has continued to be one of the most popular online battle royale games to date, and it doesn't look like the fans are planning on giving it up anytime soon.