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Why Fans Are Worried About The Resident Evil Movie Reboot

Resident Evil has a place in the hearts of many. For some, it was the first video game that introduced new players to the genre of survival horror.

However, many fans were appalled by the transition of the video game series into a movie franchise. For some, the franchise started off okay enough but eventually would waver and transform into something that definitely was not Resident Evil. The films actively used characters from the video game series, but the movie storylines differed heavy from the source material. So when fans of Resident Evil heard about a reboot to the films, there was hope, because the reboot is supposed to be true to the original games.


However, after a new set reveal, fans are already worried again about the Resident Evil reboot. The filming for the movie just took place at the Scottish Rite Club in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The set reveal on Twitter was a little underwhelming to most fans. For some, it just did not capture the eerie Resident Evil aesthetic. One fan tweeted, "Nah, I don't think the mansion suits at all. They could have built a set that looked just like the Spencer mansion. I'm not feeling these pics at all." The pictures are a far cry away from the gothic Spencer Mansion as portrayed in the first Resident Evil game.

The Spencer Mansion is not getting as much love as other revealed sets. Previously, there had been a set reveal for the Racoon City Police Department, and fans were enamored with what they were seeing. One user said, "How come we can get accuracy with the RPD but for the Spencer Mansion we get a Scooby-Doo Haunted House instead?" To be fair, the new Resident Evil movie's Racoon City Police Department looks to be pretty spot on — almost a complete replica. The take on the Spencer Mansion apparently looks a bit too different for some folks.


Fans want a complete replica. According to one fan, the film's set designers should have just recreated the Spencer Mansion exactly as it appears in the games. "Even though I generally complain about movies relying on special effects, I would've preferred they created the Spencer mansion as it was in the games." It is easy to understand the cost of building exact set replicas can be quite high, but maybe a replica of iconic locations such as the main hall would put the fans much more at ease.

Resident Evil is expected to release sometime in 2021.