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The Untold Truth Of The Legend Of Zelda's Gorons

Gorons are some of The Legend of Zelda's most popular characters; they've been in every Zelda game in one iteration or another, and you meet many different Gorons throughout the course of the series. They are all individuals with distinct personalities, which is interesting when there are so many other rich and varied characters. Some notable Gorons include Biggoron, the giant Goron and his equally giant brother Medigoron; Darunia, leader of the Gorons in Ocarina of Time; Darmani, who gives Link the Goron mask when you calm his spirit in Majora's Mask; and Daruk, one of the Champions from Breath of the Wild.


The Gorons are a race of rock people who inhabit Hyrule, Termina, and other places throughout the franchise. They mostly live in the mountains, including Death Mountain in Hyrule and Snowhead Mountain in Termina. They also come down from their mountains and often reside on islands or in more temperate climes, as seen in Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild. But what about their secrets? What do many players not know about the Gorons?

It appears that there are only male Gorons

There has been some debate in the Zelda Dungeon forums about whether there are female Gorons, and what happened to them if they do exist. Forum administrator Djinn has a few good theories: one, is that "the females are totally indistinguishable from the males to human eyes." They suggest that to Hylians, the male and female Gorons would look exactly the same, and that there are subtle differences that only the Gorons themselves can spot. 


Alternatively, Djinn suggested that Gorons are not mammals and therefore don't reproduce like mammals. There is some speculation about asexual reproduction in the Gorons, specifically budding, in which "the newly created organism is a clone and is genetically identical to the parent organism", which could explain why most Gorons look exactly alike.

There is also a discussion of Gorons being "born from volcanic rock or even molten rock", which could explain why they are so keen on eating it.

There are two Gorons named Link

In Ocarina of Time, Darunia names his son Link after the Hero of Time in honor of Link chasing the Dodongos out of Dodongo's Cavern. When Link gets to Death Mountain and Goron City, Link the Goron believes Link the Hylian is one of Ganondorf's servants and rolls away from him, continuing to roll around Goron City until you stop him with a well-placed bomb. Link the Goron will ask you to save Darunia, imprisoned at the Fire Temple. He tells you about Volvagia's weakness to the Megaton Hammer, gives you the Goron Tunic, and reveals the entrance into Death Mountain. 


In Majora's Mask, the names are simply a coincidence, but you can use this coincidence to get a room at the Stock Pot Inn. This traveling Goron Link visits East Clock Town on the First Day at 3:00 PM. He will attempt to claim a reservation at the Stock Pot Inn at 4:10, and if he gets there he will go into the Knife Chamber and is not seen again. But, if you get there before him, between 1:50 and 4:10, and speak to Anju first, you can take his reservation.

Intelligence and tribal structure

Despite their rock-like appearance and slow speech, the Gorons are actually quite an intelligent race. They are social, and live and work in tribal units. They are run by a tribal leader, or Patriarch, like Darunia from Ocarina of Time. The Patriarch is usually a young Goron, who, when he gets old, becomes a Goron Elder. The Patriarch is chosen based on their physical strength in order to fulfill combat duties.


All Gorons have a tribal tattoo, but some Gorons who have special knowledge or skills may have more tattoos on their torsos or legs. While they are friendly with outsiders and non-Gorons, they have strict acceptance rituals; outsiders who wish to be accepted into the Goron tribe are required to sumo wrestle a predetermined Goron. They must win against this Goron if they wish to gain entry into the tribe.

Gorons also travel often, as trade is a big part of their tribal structure. Many mine gems or bomb flowers to support their tribe's economy. The Gorons may appear to be simple creatures at first glance, but possess a hidden complexity and intelligence under their rocky surfaces.