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Division 2 Fans Just Got Bad News

Ubisoft North America has informed its audiences of the terrible news. Ubisoft has just confirmed that a highly-anticipated in-game event has been canceled.

The event, called "Codename Nightmare," had players of The Division 2 waiting in anticipation. The teaser displayed a very dark atmosphere — well, something darker than The Division 2's usual standards. Many fans speculated and theorized that the game would be taking cues from the Call of Duty franchise. The popular Kenly College map would be sectioned off and held in quarantine — leading some people to think that zombies were involved. Players began to believe that The Division 2 would be implementing a zombies mode, similar to the Zombies Mode from Call of Duty.


There has not been any new information about Codename Nightmare in a while, and there was no communication with the community following the initial teaser. Finally, Yannick Banchereau, Associate Creator Director at Massive Entertainment, released some information about Codename Nightmare. During an episode of Ubisoft's State of the Game, Banchereau stated, "This is not a reveal of Codename Nightmare. It will have to remain a secret..." Banchereau went on to mention how Codename Nightmare had been introduced and teased in the video alongside Kenly College, then he revealed the sad truth about the new event.

Codename Nightmare was canceled. "It's been a tough year. It's been a tough year for everyone, it's been a tough year for us as well. Some of the consequences of that is that we've had to make changes in our plan," Banchereau stated. The Division 2 originally sought to repurpose Kenly College, an almost forgotten area, for the event. For now, Codename Nightmare is dead in the water. The unique event will not be hitting live servers, most likely due to setbacks and constraints imposed by the outbreak of COVID-19 — which is ironic for a game that takes place during a pandemic.


The Division 2 will still be releasing the apparel event that was planned to release alongside Codename Nightmare. Fortunately, players can take solace knowing that they'll have a new set of interchangeable outfits to pick from. Players who are expecting a new and unique gameplay experience, however, may be forced to wait a little longer. 

The mystery surrounding Codename Nightmare still stands. The Division 2 players might be waiting a long time to find out what the details of the event are, or what they could have been. The Division 2 is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.