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PS5s Being Stolen Off Moving Trucks

What began as a somewhat amusing series of console mix-ups has turned into something much more sinister. For weeks, reports have come in from the UK concerning preordered PS5 consoles that have been swapped out with very different items. Instead of the PS5, some people received toilet paper, while others got George Foreman grills or foot massagers. There were theories that this was the result of some unscrupulous mail workers or a weirdly organized group of PS5 thieves. It seems that the latter theory may in fact be true, as delivery drivers are now reporting aggressive and elaborate robberies that have stripped them of their PS5 cargo.


According to UK publication The Times (via IGN), gangs are using a strategy called a "rollover," in which multiple vehicles will move to box in their target delivery vehicle — in this case, a truck carrying the new Sony console. While the delivery truck is boxed in, one of the thieves will actually climb out of their vehicle — secured by a rope — and onto the side of the truck, opening the back and emptying it of the products the gang is after. It sounds like something out of the Grand Theft Auto games or the Fast and Furious film series, but it's very real and extremely dangerous.

This latest string of robberies has seen multiple trucks relieved of televisions sets, cosmetic items, and more than a few PlayStation 5 consoles. According to a source for The Times, this method of robbery has become significantly more popular in recent years, thanks to the relative lack of security afforded to these types of delivery trucks. It is unclear if this rise in rollovers will convince Amazon and other retailers to step up the level of security for delivery trucks, but apparently UK authorities have advised companies to do just that.


No one has been reported as injured in any of these deliveries, but the robberies are still clearly a big problem. Also, as pointed out by IGN's Joe Skrebels, it's highly unlikely that these rollovers are connected to the previous reports of PS5s being replaced by other items. It's highly unlikely that these particular robbers are replacing the boxes and labels after taking them out of a moving vehicle. In other words, the UK is dealing with multiple different types of PS5 theft.

On a lighter note, IGN has also reported that Amazon has begun sending emails to customers affected by some of the seemingly stolen or swapped packages, and those customers will receive their consoles when more stock becomes available.