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The Bizarre NES Special Edition Console You'll Never Own

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was Nintendo's first internationally successful video game console. Released in 1983, the machine came with a simple rectangular gamepad controller with four buttons — A, B, Start, and Select — and a D-pad. The NES was home to some early classic video games, especially Mario titles like the first three Super Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario. In honor of the original console and the nostalgia it brought, Nintendo released a compact version of the system in 2016, but the mini NES was discontinued only a year later.


The NES may be gone, but it is certainly never forgotten among pop culture retail items. In 2020, Puma announced the release of an NES-themed pair of sneakers, called the Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System. These black, gray, and red kicks with NES controller tags are a great homage to the classic console and a perfect collectible for fans. What gamers may not know is that the Puma shoes are actually not the first footwear to feature the NES.

The Sneaker Pimps NES shoe

Back in 2007, a photo of a sneaker modified to include a functional NES was leaked online. According to TechCrunch, the snap was taken in New York City at the conclusion of British electronica band Sneaker Pimps' nationwide tour. It's unclear if the sneaker belonged to a member of the band, but what is clear is that it is awesome


In the photo, a white Nike sneaker could be seen with a gray bottom similar to the NES system, as well as an NES logo on the side and what looked to be two buttons. A Super Mario Bros. game cartridge was placed in a slot just above the gray base. Finally, rather than laces, a black cable ran through the front of the shoe and attached to the NES controller hanging on the side. The shoe wasn't wearable, but it was functional.

The Sneaker Pimps NES shoe was never sold, but it was certainly interesting to look at. It was also not even the strangest NES item to be released — do any Nintendo peripheral collectors remember the bizarre Roll 'n Rocker?