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What This New Twitch Feature Could Mean For Streamers

Twitch is one of the largest platforms for millions of gamers to stream their content. With so many people streaming at once, getting noticed when you're starting out can be a bit rough. However, Twitch is rolling out a new feature that will make it easier for smaller streamers to build their presence.


This new feature, "Boost this stream" or "Community Boost," will reportedly allow smaller creators to get their streams on Twitch's front page. This feature was highlighted by Twitch News host Zach Bussey, who laid out the basic functions of Community Boost on Twitter. Bussey explained that it is "a challenge tied to Channel Points," a system that viewers can donate points to. Once creators reach a certain Channel Point goal, their stream will be featured on the front page of Twitch with a "Promoted" tag on the thumbnail.

The amount of points needed to get to a Community Boost is allegedly predetermined by Twitch. Additionally, Bussey said the feature can only be activated if a streamer's community is able to hit the point goal within a 48 hour window. He expressed his excitement about Community Boost, stating that Twitch was initially going to implement a different initiative.


"I'm *very* glad to see that this is being done with Channel Points," Bussey wrote. "An earlier plan for this feature was toying with the idea of making it pay to play."

If Bussey's information proves accurate, it appears Twitch made the right move to allow all content creators the opportunity to make it to the front page for points and not actual money. Channel Points definitely level the playing field, especially since viewers can accumulate these points just by watching a creator's stream or by chatting. Once they've amassed a large amount of points, they can donate it to the creator's stream to contribute towards the channel's Community Boost stockpile.

Gaming outlets have reported that viewers can donate up to a maximum of 2,000 points per day to a streamer's Community Boost goal. Additionally, the Channel Point cost to boost a stream will vary from streamer to streamer. This is done in an effort to keep the availability of the challenge fair for all streamers, big and small, on the platform.

Testing for Community Boost will supposedly begin today. Since this feature is so new, it's hard to measure how effective it's going to be for new Twitch streamers. It may not promise the same level of fame as major personalities like Ninja and Pokimane, but at the very least it will give new creators a chance to get their foot in the door with a little help from their own community.