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Final Fantasy XV Gets A New Trailer And Multiplayer Mode DLC

The "Omen" trailer for Final Fantasy XV has been revealed, along with the news that a multiplayer mode called "Comrades" will be available for the game as downloadable content.

Final Fantasy XV's "Omen" trailer is actually a CG short created by Digic Pictures, the studio behind the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV movie, and features a look at a future bathed in bloodshed and conflict. This "omen" is for King Regis, according to the official Final Fantasy XV YouTube account, and seems to fill him with both dread and resolve.


Thankfully, we won't have to wait much longer to see where the story will go, since Final Fantasy XV has just gone gold and will be shipping out soon. As a bonus, Square Enix has revealed that a new multiplayer mode is coming down the chute as the game's last piece of downloadable content. According to IGN, the "Comrades" multiplayer mode will become available after an item pack, a "Holiday Pack" and three "Episode" expansions are released.

""The stories we're telling through the DLC are going to be linked closely to the main game's story, but they're things that we feel we could only really do within DLC. It couldn't have been part of the main game at all," said downloadable content director Haruyoshi Sawatari. "So the kind of gameplay experiences that we're delivering, and the kind of stories that we're telling really wouldn't have been possible within the game of XV. It has to be slightly removed in order to do that."


So once the Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto character episodes are released, we can look forward to Noctis joining the group in online adventures in the "Comrades" mode. There's no set schedule for the downloadable content yet, but we've got to get through the meat of the main game anyway, so we're not too worried about getting it immediately.

Look forward to Noctis and his journey on November 29, when Final Fantasy XV is released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Let's hope the delays were worth the wait, and that this becomes one of the best releases of the year.