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The Neo Geo CD Games That Weren't Released Until The 2010s

SNK's Neo Geo platform is overflowing with a collection of memorable games from the Japanese developer/publisher.

The company's first piece of home console hardware was the Neo Geo AES, which was capable of playing the arcade classics that defined the Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet platform. Following the cartridge-based AES console's release, SNK transitioned into a CD format for its next system with the Neo Geo CD. Gamers who were lucky enough to get their hands on that quality piece of hardware got to experience the very best of the SNK IP library.


Series entries from Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, and Metal Slug were present on the Neo Geo CD. Plus, entirely new IP's, such as Pulstar, Windjammers, and Twinkle Star Sprites, breathed even more life into the console's offering of enjoyable experiences. 

It's wild to think that game releases for the Neo Geo CD continued into the early 2010's. Two games immediately come to mind when it comes to late Neo Geo CD titles: Bang Bang Busters and Treasure of the Caribbean.

Bang Bang Busters and Treasure of the Caribbean are two late Neo Geo CD releases

Bang Bang Busters and Treasure of the Caribbean both used to be unreleased prototypes for the Neo Geo CD.

Both titles were developed in 1994 for the console (Visco created Bang Bang Busters, while Face developed Treasure of the Caribbean), but neither of them saw an official release until a publisher by the name of Neo Geo Conception International got the rights to them. In 2011, the company did a special limited run for Bang Bang Busters that included 100 Neo Geo AES cartridges. Then in 2012, Neo Geo Conception International went on to produce a Neo Geo CD version of the cutesy action platformer. Bang Bang Busters can now be obtained and played via the Sega Dreamcast.


As for Treasure of the Caribbean, it never got the opportunity to be released in its original Neo Geo MVS/AES cartridge form. Neo Geo Conception International also handled a Neo Geo CD conversion of the retro puzzler and released it in 2011.

Treasure of the Caribbean can sometimes be found on eBay, with copies retailing for over $120.