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Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Thedas

Dragon Age fans might have something exciting to look forward to at the 2020 Game Awards, but in the meantime many are taking a nostalgic trip through Dragon Age: Inquisition, the franchise's last major release. Dragon Age takes place in the world of Thedas, a continent where Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Qunari, and Darkspawn live, fight, and work. However, everyone in this world isn't out to offer players a mead or give them clues for quests. 


Like many fantasy RPG settings, Thedas is full of magic and monsters, most of which will kill you without hesitation. Nestled between charming communities and breathtaking wilderness, are dangers untold. From Darkspawn wandering underground, waiting to strike, to Archdemons and rogue mages, the world of Thedas wants players dead, and it has a variety of ways to achieve that goal. While traveling in Thedas, there are two major groups of things that want to send you straight to the Fade: everyday hazards and tainted monsters.

Everything wants to kill you

As an elite adventurer, players have many tools available to them as they navigate Thedas. And sure, those weapons and potions are what one might expect to use in the fight against Darkspawn or Archdemons, but what about animals that roam the countryside? There are a wide variety of predators waiting to send adventurers running, including bears and giants.


Great bears might seem like a small challenge for Inquisitors in the know, but these beasts are not your typical cuddly teddy bears. No, these beasts often sport scars from their fallen prey, indicators that they are the kings of the food chain. They are respected even among other creatures. According to the Dragon Age: Inquisition Codex entry for Great bears, these beasts are "the only thing the Orlesians are truly afraid of."  Redditors have also taken to the internet to discuss their fear of Thedas' bears, which appear more frequently than in older Dragon Age games.

Beware the Darkspawn

Giants also live in Thedas, and they would love nothing more than to have a snack. Unlike bears, giants are few and far between, but that doesn't mean they can't be just as deadly. Most giants wander Thedas aimlessly, but they're ready to attack if players get near. A Codex entry on giants notes that they're not picky about what they eat, and will chow down on anything, regardless of how it tastes.


Of course, no list of things that could kill you would be complete without Darkspawn. A Dwarven Codex entry on Darkspawn explains that while many people who live aboveground think Darkspawn "fell from heaven," they actually clawed their way up from deep recesses within the earth. No matter where they came from, Darkspawn are sentient enough to not just kill players, but enjoy doing it. 

Of course, players can always just try to speed through the game as fast as possible and avoid whatever big bads might get in their way. With Dragon Age 4 promising even more deadly creatures for adventurers, it might be a good idea to brush up on those combat skills.