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The Untold Truth Of DAMWON Gaming

League of Legends is the hottest commodity of competitive esports. Esports is on the rise, and League of Legends is at the center point of its growth. The popular MOBA has been around for more than a decade and has created some of the most awe-inspiring moments in esports history. League of Legends and its competitive scene have slowly been growing and developing some of the highest-caliber players that the game has to offer.


Korea has been a staple in the competitive League of Legends scene since season 3. The Western world was introduced to a polished play style, and more importantly, they were introduced to SKT and Faker. Korea would continue its dominance and go on to win six World Championship titles. The latest Korean victory was from the bushy-tailed DAMWON Gaming roster during their Worlds 2020 run in Shanghai, China.

DAMWON Gaming entered the League of Legends World Championship as League Champions Korea's (LCK's) first seed.

Defying expectations

DAMWON Gaming was never expected to be a great team. In fact, most analysts had dismissed the possibility of them being a powerhouse Korean team. Despite being in attendance for the World Championship in 2019, the team was considered incredibly average. Their run during the 2019 World Championship was cut short by G2 Esports, a thriving European organization. DAMWON Gaming was sent home after their quarterfinal clash with G2 Esports — a disappointing 3-1 loss against the European squad.


DAMWON Gaming would bounce back. The first half of their LCK run was mediocre by all standards. The second half, however, showed how dominant DAMWON Gaming could be. The team would go on to win ten consecutive games. That was not all the team had to offer. During the 2020 World Championship, DAMWON Gaming had one of the most convincing performances in League of Legends history. They had their rematch against G2 Esports in the semifinal, and DAMWON Gaming would get their revenge – winning 3-1.

DAMWON Gaming wouldn't just stop at the semifinals. For the final, they would face off against Chinese squad Suning Gaming and win it all. They won 3-1, cementing their place atop the world.