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The Untold Truth Of Red Dead Online's Madam Nazar

The Red Dead Redemption series is full of interesting Easter eggs and strange characters, like an actual vampire. One of the more interesting people you'll encounter in Red Dead Online is Madam Nazar


Not much is known of Madam Nazar besides the fact that she's a traveling fortune teller and collector of rare and exotic items. When you first encounter Madam Nazar, Old Man Jones — the player's self-appointed moral guide — will attempt to warn you away from her and prevent you from dealing with her. Madam Nazar will scare him away with the threat of a curse, and then you can talk to her. 

Madam Nazar shows up in various locations on the map, and changes locations every day. If you prefer to know exactly where she is and don't want to just stumble upon her, there's actually a website for that: MadamNazar.io has a Finder feature that will show exactly where Madam Nazar is on the map on that day. 


In the game, she proposes that you become a collector for her. But what about Madam Nazar herself? What are her secrets, and why does she seem to know so much?

She controls the sheriffs with her birds

YouTuber Strange Man has rounded up some of the more interesting encounters players can have with Madam Nazar. One of the rarest ones is when Madam Nazar will tell you her birds' names. Apparently, they're named after four sheriffs: encountered throughout the game: Dunbar, Lambert, Freeman, and Malloy. 


"Perhaps you wonder why the police never interfere with my work," Nazar will sometimes say. "It is simple. I stroke them under the chin and whisper sweetly in their ears and they give me all the peace I need."

It's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that she controls the sheriffs with her birds; possibly she has their spirits in her birds which lets her do whatever she wants; similar to voodoo dolls, she has control over them through the birds. This is all speculation, of course, as she could have simply just named her birds after the sheriffs with no ulterior motives.

She vanished before a great snowstorm

In chapter one of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur and the gang are stuck in a snowstorm. In Red Dead Online, Madam Nazar seemingly predicts this same storm. She says, "A great storm will come to this land. I have seen it. Before then, I must go." 


The next year, the storm rolls through. Red Dead Online takes place a year before Red Dead Redemption 2, in 1898. The main story takes place in 1899, beginning with a snowstorm. This is why Madam Nazar cannot be found in the main story of Red Dead Redemption 2. Who knows where she's gone, but there's one thing for sure: she's not anywhere you can find her again. 

Her memory survived to the present day, however: Madam Nazar is actually featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as a fortune teller machine. If you pay one dollar she will give you a fortune, many of which reference Red Dead Redemption 2.