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3-Year-Old Legend Of Zelda Fan Quests For Candy Dressed As Link

It's dangerous to go alone, but three-year-old Legend of Zelda fan Amelia seemed to do just fine on a trick-or-treat adventure dressed up as Link.

Matt Silverman, Amelia's father and a director of social video at The Daily Dot, filmed and posted the above YouTube video commemorating Amelia's quest. In her quest to acquire candy, the young adventurer rides her own version of Epona, finds treasure, smashes pots, and even ignores the warnings of her annoying fairy—err, we mean her well-meaning father. Par for the course for any Hero of Time. And this quest isn't a one-off, either; Silverman and Amelia have been making videos for months.


In an interview with Aaron Couch from The Hollywood Reporter, SIlverman spoke about the process of filming Amelia's videos, explaining, "She is young, so she gets bored and distracted easily, so often these projects are shot in very tiny increments where she'll say a couple lines."

He also described what it was like to shoot this Zelda-themed video, mostly over the course of one day, with a lot of the filming process only requiring him to shout at Amelia from across a field while instructing her to run. "I'm still reeling from how efficient that was," he added. "I couldn't believe how easy and fun it was, because it's not always that efficient."

You can watch her battle classic Zelda monsters and use some of Link's signature tools in the video, as well as see her go rupee-crazy after smashing a pot. Perhaps she embodies Link a little too much in that regard. Be sure to check out the rest of Amelia's adventures on the Free Dad Videos YouTube channel and keep an eye out for Amelia's next journey. Who knows? She might even tackle the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.