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The SNES Dinosaur Action Game You Never Got To Play

While Nintendo is known to have something of a shady side, the company is responsible for some of the most beloved games of all time. The gaming titan has been making consoles for nearly four decades, and with so many titles released across all their platforms, it's impossible to keep up.


If you were a gamer growing up in the '90s, chances are you owned a Super Nintendo. The SNES was a host to countless great games. Beyond the most well-known titles, there were plenty of games you've never heard of. Titles like Secret of Evermore and oddities like Home Improvement may have never entered your home because of the sheer volume of available games. Of course, that's just considering games that were released. Just imagine how intimidating the SNES library would have been had all the unreleased games come out. 

If that were the case, the Super Nintendo would have gotten one particularly strange dinosaur action game called Robosaurus. Such a game would have been timely, as dinosaur mania was about to take the kid world by storm with the release of Jurassic Park. Whatever happened to this lost SNES game?


Digging up the remains of Robosaurus

Mix dinosaurs with robots, and what do you get? A kid's wildest dream come true. That's what Robosaurus promised to be.

Developed in 1992 by THQ and Adrenaline Entertainment, Robosaurus would have put the player in control of a giant robot T-Rex bent on thwarting an alien invasion. The mechanical menace would have been equipped with deadly metal teeth and a fiery breath. What a concept!


Not much is known about this lost game. A few brief blurbs in magazines are all that remain as evidence that this title ever existed. As for visual evidence, only one image is known to exist showing what the game would have looked like. Nintendo Metro shared the image on Twitter, which came from a Japanese magazine called MicomBASIC. It's a mystery why Robosaurus was canceled. 

Will a working prototype of this lost video game ever be discovered? Would this canceled game have been a huge hit? Unfortunately, the world may never know.