The Bizarre RPG You Never Got To Play On The Dreamcast

Sega made many mistakes in its day. From Sega's 32X to the Saturn's failure, the company fell from great heights. Perhaps the greatest blight in Sega's history was the failure of the Dreamcast, which marked the end of its days as a console maker. Indeed, every system the company released after the Genesis went down in gaming history as among the biggest flops of all time. Despite its untimely end, the Sega Dreamcast still has a strong fanbase and even received a new game almost 20 years after its discontinuation. 


Because the Dreamcast was cut down so early in its life span, there are probably many titles that were planned to hit the system later on but never saw the light of day. One game in particular was a rather strange RPG by the name of Ninth Will. The game was a sequel to another Dreamcast title called Seventh Cross Evolution. What happened to this bizarre unreleased RPG sequel?

Seventh Cross never got a second chance

Unseen64 compared Seventh Cross Evolution to titles like the hidden GameCube gem Cubivore and the obscure SNES game EVO: Search for Eden. It was not a wildly successful game, so why was its sequel, Ninth Will, even announced in the first place?


In the case of this bizarre RPG sequel, it probably wasn't the Dreamcast's untimely demise that put an end to the project but rather the low sales of the first game. As it stands, there are no images available of Seventh Cross 2: Ninth Will. The last anyone heard of the game was its announcement on Gamespot, which promised to share any updates on its development. Sadly, no further news was ever shared, and the game quietly disappeared — lost to the annals of time.

How much development actually took place on Ninth Will? Did it ever even make it past the announcement? Perhaps this game will never be more than a small footnote in Dreamcast history.