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Dead Rising 4's Combo-Ween Trailer Shows Off Frank West's Zombie-Slaying In Style

Just in time for Halloween, Frank West is back in a new Dead Rising 4 trailer that shows off all the different outfits he can wear.

The "Combo-Ween" trailer gives us a look at the many different suits and gadgets that will be available for Frank to use in his fight against the undead. There's a great shot of him walking through the Willamette Memorial Megaplex before he spots a goofy-looking dinosaur mascot head. Par for the course of a Dead Rising protagonist, Frank proceeds to wear the dino head before modeling a whole mess of other costumes.


Some of the suits we see previewed are normal, like a cowboy outfit and even a Girl Scout uniform, but we're also treated to a few Capcom-flavored costumes, like Akuma's gi and wig from the Street Fighter series. For whatever reason, there's also a shot of Frank in a Santa costume, but with a dragon helmet that breathes fire. We're probably going to have a lot of fun with that combo. Oh, and don't forget about the Exo Suit.

The rest of the video showcases some of the incredible vehicles and weapons you'll use to help Frank smash through the hordes of zombies on December 6, when Dead Rising 4 arrives on the Xbox One and PC. The game looks like plenty of fun, but time will tell if it becomes one of the best games on Xbox One.