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Small Details You Missed In The Dragon Age Trailer

The official trailer for EA and BioWare's Dragon Age 4 was finally revealed during The Game Awards 2020 on Dec. 10, and it was filled with small details and references that even the greatest Dragon Age fans might have missed. Although the trailer did not include actual gameplay or details about the game's release window, it did give fans an idea of what things will look like when they return to Thedas.

If the narrator in the Dragon Age 4 trailer sounded familiar, that's because it was actually Varric Tethras, Hawke's companion in Dragon Age 2 and The Inquisitor's companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition, played by Briar Bloom. As the scene opened on walls covered in murals, Varric spoke about the tyrants that he's faced and teased someone who is "bent on breaking the world." Varric warned that this evil can only be stopped by "the kind of person they'll never see coming." (Hint: that person is you, the player.)

Beyond the inclusion of Varric in the trailer, which simply bore the title Dragon Age, there was a short scene that appeared to show a gang of dinosaurs approaching an armored figure. It's unclear if these dinosaur-like creatures, which looked to be stegosauruses, were enemies, but the leader of the pack did seem to unleash an unsettling roar. So what exactly are these creatures?

The Dragon Age 4 trailer also teased the return of a few characters and elements from previous games in the franchise, including a cave filled with red lyrium, which allows demons to interact with the physical world. EA already teased earlier this year via a set of screenshots that red lyrium will be a big part of Dragon Age 4's plot.

There isn't too much else known about the plot of Dragon Age 4 yet, but it does pick up where Inquisition left off in 2014. The end of the trailer showed Solas, the player's companion in Inquisition, who (spoilers!) was actually revealed to be the evil Fen'Harel, also known as the Dread Wolf, in disguise. A previous Dragon Age 4 teaser that was presented at the 2018 Game Awards ended with a voiceover from Solas saying that "you found me at last," which echoed his words at the end of Inquisition's Trespasser DLC.

A release timeline for Dragon Age 4 remains to be seen, but BioWare has had a bit of a troubled year, which may have impacted the game's development. It was announced just earlier this month that two key members departed the company's leadership team: Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah. In the meantime, Christian Dailey, the studio director leading the rebuild for Anthem, will temporarily take over Dragon Age 4's eventful development.