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It Takes Two Director Makes A Big Promise For The Game

Hazelight Studio's Josef Fares, director of the game It Takes Two, premiered a trailer for the previously-announced game at Thursday's The Game Awards 2020 along with an announcement: "Trust me when I say this: Hazelight's next co-op-only experience, It Takes Two, is going to blend narrative and a huge variety of gameplay never done before," he said.

Fares, who said he was in the middle of a motion capture session at the time, did not elaborate on what would be groundbreaking about the title. The director did announce that the game would offer a Friend's Pass, however, noting that this would allow gamers to buy a copy of the game, then get another for a friend for free. 

Electronic Arts, which is publishing It Takes Two, clarifies the offer in a FAQ, saying, "It allows the owner of the game to invite another person to join online co-op with them for free." The second player isn't able to play the game without the first player, though. The Friend's Pass is available on all platforms (except Steam, where it uses Remote Play Together) for cross-generation (but not cross-platform) play. 

The director then showed a world premiere gameplay reveal trailer for It Takes Two, which is a 3D action-adventure platformer that focuses on the relationship between a couple having marital issues. A girl named Rose creates dolls based on her parents Cody and May, and they've somehow become trapped inside the dolls' bodies. Two players control the characters in collaboration with one another. 

In order to get back to their regular bodies, Cody and May embark on a fantastical journey which looks to include retro-style video games, wizards, pirate ships on the high seas, bobsleds, strange creatures, and an epic tale that encompasses much of time and space — according to the Book of Love character called Dr. Hakim, anyway. The game seems like it will be a lighthearted story with multiple worlds and classic bosses that will include require players to work in tandem. Online and local play are both supported. 

Hazelight Studios, based in Sweden, is also known for A Way Out, which was Fares' second game after Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (a title that most certainly made some gamers cry). While It Takes Two appears to be taking some cues from the narrative-led A Way Out, the story looks more fantasy-based and whimsical. The EA Originals game is being developed for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It will have a March 26 release date.