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The Rare Pokemon Game For N64 That Could Make You A Fortune

Pokemon video games have been in the limelight since the series first launched and became a worldwide smash hit. Aside from the core series of monster-catching RPGs, there were some spin-off titles that proved to be exceedingly popular. One of these hit spin-offs was Pokemon Snap.


One of the reasons why Pokemon Snap excited fans was that it utilized 3D models rather than the tiny 2D sprites of the Game Boy games. Even if you did not own a copy of Pokemon Snap, there is a really good chance you at least knew someone that did, and it remains a nostalgic favorite. There was something incredibly genius about combining a Pokemon video game with a photography adventure — allowing players to photograph 63 different species of Pokemon.

It was a Pokemaniac's dream come true. These days, Pokemon Snap is still of high value — but some versions of it are more valuable than others. The beloved game can fetch a pretty penny, if it is the correct copy.

How much is a copy of Pokemon Snap?

These days, a copy of Pokemon Snap with the box has been known to sell for over $300. The game has some solid collectability and is fairly popular amongst nostalgic collectors. However, before you start listing your own copies of Pokemon Snap, you may want to sit down. There's an even more valuable version of Pokemon Snap that is labeled "Not For Resale," and this is where the money is to be made.  


Copies of this particular cartridge have been listed at around $400. You might want to double-check your old Pokemon Snap cartridge and see if you can locate the massive "Not For Resale" sticker on the artwork. There's a chance that you may have a goldmine hiding in your Nintendo 64 collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of Pokemon Snapwhich will be developed by Bandai Namco.