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Fortnite's New Addition Rubs Salt In Every Halo Fan's Wounds

Epic Games' latest Fortnite announcement had heads rolling at The Game Awards, finally revealing the newest character skin to join the battle royale game. 

Gamers watching The Game Awards were met with an interesting trailer. Fortnite's Fishstick walks into a convenience store, makes his way to the beverage cooler, and he awakens an unmistakable character from cryostasis. At long last, Master Chief, from the Halo series, will be joining the fun in Fortnite. There has not been a skin release to make this much noise since the PlayStation exclusive Kratos character skin was first teased earlier in December. 


The delay to Halo Infinite has fans of the franchise twiddling their thumbs and waiting patiently for Master Chief to make his actual comeback. Some fans have actually taken Master Chief's Fortnite arrival as an affront. One fan on Twitter stated, "You know 2020 is a cursed year when instead of getting #HaloInfinite this year we got Halo in #Fortnite[.]" 

It is a difficult year for everyone, but it has oddly gotten more difficult for Halo fans. To some fans the decision is painful. On the other hand, the reveal has gotten people talking, which means this could be successful marketing from Halo Infinite's development team at 343. 

No doubt that this skin revealed left Halo fans watching with their mouth wide open in disbelief. Fortnite Creative Director Donald Mustard broke the news to everyone, "Isn't that crazy? Master Chief is just one of my most favorite characters ever, in anything ... and we're so thrilled that he can join the ever-growing cast of characters in Fortnite. And the coolest thing is he's going to be available tonight in Fortnite." 


Quite crazy indeed — most die-hard Halo fans still can't believe it. One person on Twitter asked, "Why is @halo putting Master Chief in Fortnite? Just make your own Battle Royale pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!" It's evident that not everyone is excited about the decision, and would prefer to see Master Chief in Halo Infinite, rather than Fortnite.

The Game Awards also revealed (with the help of the Red Vs. Blue crew) that Blood Gulch, a classic multiplayer Halo map, would be available on Dec. 11th.

While many gamers seem to be up in arms over Master Chief's latest venture, Halo fans can take solace in the news that 343 is putting more effort into the latest developments of improving the game experience. Halo Infinite will be released for Xbox consoles in 2021.