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Overwatch's Next New Hero, Sombra, Might Have Just Been Revealed

New character art at Blizzard's online store might have just revealed Sombra, the next hero to come to Overwatch.

According to IGN, the character art has been removed, but not before the image was uploaded to Imgur. It is believed that the character depicted in the art is the omnic-hacking Sombra, the supposed next addition to the game. This would make her the second new character added to the game since launch, with Pharah's mother Ana being the first.


The art features her standing in the palm of one of the large Svyatogor mechs, which can be seen patrolling around the edge of the city on the Volskaya Industries map. The glowing purple tendrils emitted from her gauntlets seem to be how she hacks into robots, almost acting as the strings for a marionette.

Overwatch fans on a Reddit post that discusses the character art leak have hypothesized that the giant mech in the image might hint at an Ultimate that brings in one of the Svyatogor to dole out some heavy-handed justice. Maybe we'll find out for sure later this week, as it could be very likely that Blizzard will officially announce Sombra for Overwatch at BlizzCon 2016. Until then, we'll just keep playing through the Competitive Mode's Season Two the best we can and dream about hacking into omnics in the future.