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Good News Might Be On The Way For Hollow Knight Fans

Hollow Knight fans are gearing up for the possibility of some big news regarding the 2017 adventure game's sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong. Monthly video game publication Edge Magazine teased this week that an exclusive reveal is coming later this month. Although the magazine didn't give any hints about what the reveal might entail, gamers have been making some interesting inferences.

A cryptic image on Edge's official Twitter account showed a large dark gray square mostly covered by a long, black oval. In the top left corner, the number of the magazine's next issue and "December 31" could be seen. Edge didn't add any further commentary to the post, so there's no confirmation on what the image may mean for the upcoming issue. However, Hollow Knight fans were quick to guess that Silksong news is on its way.

What exactly has led fans to think Edge's image has anything to do with Hollow Knight? As CNET's Science Editor, Jack Ryan, pointed out in one reply, the oval fits perfectly into the shape of prominent character Hornet's head. Plus, he noted in another reply that the month of December marks one year since developer Team Cherry shared any Hollow Knight news, or really, any news at all.

As Kotaku reported, Team Cherry shared a Silksong demo at the E3 event in June 2019, where it was also announced that Silksong was simply "coming soon." The two demo levels showed Hornet evolving from basic jumps and attacks to more advanced dashes and special moves. After trying out the levels, Kotaku's Stephen Totilo wrote that so far, Silksong "already looks terrific," with its challenges and combat.

Unfortunately, that small taste of Silksong was all Hollow Knight fans could get for quite some time. Team Cherry remained mostly quiet until December 2019, when the developer provided a brief update on Silksong's development progress. Team Cherry noted that it was still working on building the new metroidvania, but there were a few sneak peeks at Silksong's enemies, of which there are more than 150. Plus, Team Cherry promised the game would feature a full soundtrack by Christopher Larkin and offered samples of two tracks, "Lace" and "Bonebottom." 

Team Cherry went off the grid after that, with no new updates shared on the blog in the last year. It's entirely possible that the developer is preparing for a huge drop in Edge's next issue, but there's no way to know for sure just yet. While fans wait for the end of December, it may be worth checking out what is said to be Hollow Knight's clone, DICO's Gleamlight. Or, you could try out some other metroidvania titles, like Ori and the Blind Forest or Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.