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The Best Weapons In Demon's Souls For Magic Users

Demon's Souls treats magic as a powerful tool, and has done so since its original incarnation. When used correctly, magic can ease the game's difficulty. Not by much, but you know what they say: Any port in a storm. Even so, improperly running a magic build in Demon's Souls is like letting your mind drift while hammering a nail — you're asking for trouble. And since Demon's Souls intentionally keeps information from you and forces you to learn things the hard way, it's custom-built to punish anyone who tries magic, at least at first.


If you don't use the right build in Demon's Souls, magic will be more of a hindrance than a blessing. You can pour all the stats you want into spellcasting, but stats are only half the recipe. Without the right equipment, specifically weapons, you won't make it far. After all, the mana needed to cast spells doesn't grow on trees. You can't exactly kill enemies or put a dent in bosses with a one-hit Fireball if you don't have the mana to cast it.

Since you will need to eventually fall back on a weapon, here are a few armaments that synchronize well with a magic build.

Geri's Stiletto

Mana is a precious resource in Demon's Souls. Without mana, you can't cast spells, but unlike stamina, mana doesn't regenerate on its own. Once you run out, you either have to rely on your weapons, chow down on a special mana-producing consumable, or hope you have equipment that bestows a passive mana regeneration. Or, you can choose the reasonable option and pick at enemy spines with Geri's Stiletto.


Geri's Stiletto shares much in common with the rest of the thrusting swords family. The weapon is fast, lightweight, and excels at counter-attacks and follow-ups. Geri's Stiletto isn't powerful, but what it lacks in strength it makes up for in the ability to turn enemy blood into mana. Each prick of this weapon, regardless of how much damage it deals, replenishes 20 mana. That's enough to cast one Fireball. Since the blade is quick to strike, you could go from zero mana to full in a matter of seconds.

To find Geri's Stiletto, seek out and free Sage Freke, the Visionary from his cell in World 3-1. He will give you the weapon as thanks. Just loot the key at the top of the area's tower right before the boss, and you can open his cell.


Epee Rapier

When you think of a weapon for a magic user, you probably imagine items that strengthen spells or something you swing as a last resort. However, many weapons in Demon's Souls, such as the Epee Rapier, do one better and deal damage that scales with your magical prowess. It's like a spell you can hold in your hand.


Even though its name is as mundane as its real-world counterpart, the Epee Rapier is anything but. It might be classified as a thrusting sword weapon, but it surpasses most other arms in that category because of its fire attack bonus. Of course, the weapon only shines if you run a pure mage build that focuses on magic stats. Anything less and you have a fancy toothpick that lightly sizzles enemies instead of immolates them

In order to obtain the Epee Rapier, you first need to destroy the giant heart in World 3-2. Afterwards, venture into the abyss where it fell and loot the bodies there. One of them grips the weapon, so free the Epee Rapier from its cadaverous coffin and it's all yours. It can also be obtained by killing a mysterious NPC named Mephistopheles.


Kris Blade

Normal RPG logic dictates that weapons on mages serve two purposes: augment their magical abilities and look good. While many magic-centric build weapons in Demon's Souls defy this practice, one lets you wield it just so you can magic missile enemies to death, albeit at a price.


The Kris Blade is every mage's best friend. The weapon doesn't deal a ton of damage, and it is about as fragile as it looks. However, the blade's true strength lies in its ability to power up your spells. The more you upgrade the Kris Blade, the higher the bonus. However, the weapon partakes in the practice of "turnabout is fair play." You might deal more magic damage with the blade equipped, but every magical blast hits you like a falling bell tower, too.

If you feel like the Kris Blade is for you, just visit World 2-1, and you will eventually come across a large elevator. You might be tempted to use it, but before you do, pan your eyes over to a nearby wooden platform. Travel up it and you will find a body clutching the weapon. Loot the corpse and the Kris Blade is all yours.



The true beauty of Demon's Souls — other than it teaches players how to overcome adversity — is that almost any build is viable as long as you have the right equipment. If you go for a magic or hybrid magic build, you probably won't have enough strength and endurance to use heavy weapons. However, one particularly powerful and light sword is waiting in the wings for mages and hybrid mages, so long as you don't have any reservations about being evil.


Blind is one of Demon's Souls' most magical weapons. It doesn't deal any actual magic damage, but it passes right through shields like a phantom. That includes enemy player shields, which makes it god-like in PvP matches against defensive opponents. Better yet, Blind is the lightest weapon in the game, so it requires next to no Strength.

In order to obtain Blind, players first need to shift World 5-2 to Pure Black World Tendency. Once there, you will encounter Black Phantom Selen Vinland near the first fog door. It's a tough fight since she wields Blind and can heal herself, as well as cast an Anti-Magic Field. Still, if you can defeat Selen Vinland, Blind is a valuable prize.

Phosphorescent Pole

If you run a magic build, Crescent upgrades are a must. Any weapon that travels down this path sacrifices strength and dexterity bonuses for scalable magic damage and, more importantly, a passive mana regeneration buff. But, if you would rather use a weapon with that buff out of the gate, seek out the Phosphorescent Pole.


The Phosphorescent Pole, as the name suggests, is a polearm. The weapon has decent range and offers strong magic damage, but its best feature is the built-in mana regeneration. The more you upgrade it, the faster the regeneration. The effect also stacks with other items that grant passive mana regeneration, so you could potentially be awash with more mana than you know what to do with, which is every mage's dream.

Unfortunately, you can't find the Phosphorescent Pole just lying around anywhere. You need to plummet World 3-1 into Pure Black World Tendency, seek out Black Phantom Lord Rydell, and slay him. Obviously, he wields the pole in battle, which deals a ton of magic damage, but he foolishly doesn't take advantage of its passive mana buff to heal or cast spells. Regardless, once you kill him, the Phosphorescent Pole is yours.