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The Rare PlayStation Light Gun Game That Could Make You A Fortune

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Every console has its fair share of super rare games that net a pretty high price on the resale market.

Sony's very first iteration of the PlayStation definitely has a wide swath of titles that are hard to get a used copy of, let alone a complete edition. Game Rant actually listed a good number of those titles, which include Tales of Destiny 2, Suikoden 2, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. But there's one PS1 release in particular that sits in a class of its own when it comes to hard-to-acquire retro games.


That game is the science fiction/fantasy hybrid light gun shooter known as Elemental Gearbolt. Developed by Alfa System, the game only launched in Japan and North America. While Sony Entertainment America published it in Japan, Working Designs (which is known for releasing the Arc the Lad and Lunar series) translated it into English and published it in the States.

While used and complete versions of Elemental Gearbolt have a high asking price nowadays, there's an even more extravagant edition of the anime-stylized light gun shooter that's way more expensive.

If you own the Assassin's Case edition of Elemental Gearbolt, then you might want to cash in on it

Used and complete versions of Elemental Gearbolt can actually be found on Amazon. Prices for the PS1 rarity range from $200+ to even as high as $750.

The rarest and most sought-after version of the game comes in the form of the Assassin Case edition. That special edition of Elemental Gearbolt comes with a copy of the game, a special memory card, and a slick version of the GunCon accessory that's painted in gold. Back during its original release, the Assassin Case could only be obtained as a prize via a competition put on by Working Designs.


Price Charting listed the asking prices for the Assassin Case, and they're as high as you've come to expect. The site noted that a loose copy of it sold for $2,136, while a complete copy of the Assassin Case went for $2,200.36. Game Citadel lists its asking price for the ultra-rare Assassin Case at $2,692.95.