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Small Details You Missed In GTA Online's New Island

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been full of odd little mysteries, hidden areas, and full-on myths and urban legends. Over the years, players have found evidence of hauntings and visitors from other worlds within the GTA games. As if Grand Theft Auto 5's story wasn't already crazy enough, players have added even more depth to the game by trying to solve some of its greatest mysteries, like what the heck is going on at Mt. Chiliad


With the release of GTA Online's Cayo Perico Heist update, Rockstar Games has added a brand new island to expand the game's map. It turns out that there was more to this update than just getting into submarine-related hijinks. Naturally, this major expansion also comes with plenty of its own little details that you might have missed. Here are some of the weirder details that players have discovered in GTA Online's new island.

Nessie confirmed?

Believe it or not, players have been trying to prove the existence of the Loch Ness Monster within GTA 5 pretty much since the game was released back in 2013. Well, it only took about 7 years, but it looks like some eagle-eyed players have finally spotted Nessie off the coast of Cayo Perico.


On Reddit, user The-Scorpio posted a clip from their playthrough of the new heist. In the clip, the player can be seen making their escape at the end of the heist, flying out over the water. In the corner of the screen, what appears to be a creature with a long neck pokes its head up from the water. It looks as though GTA 5's Nessie has finally been caught on camera. 

Some fans have disputed the authenticity of this clip, while others have suggested that it could actually be a periscope from a nearby submarine. However, screenshots of the creature have begun to surface (no pun intended) in other areas online. It looks like Rockstar finally decided to give the fans what they want: a full-on sea monster in GTA Online.


The creepy cage

This being Grand Theft Auto, there is obviously some bad stuff going down on Cayo Perico. However, one user on Reddit has shared a screenshot that suggests that things could be even darker on this tropical paradise than fans may have expected. In a deeply forested section of the island, Redditor IslamoRacaille92 said that they found a large metal cage hanging from a tree. 


It looks like the cage may not have been used for quite some time, but its appearance is chilling. It seems to have been built for a person to be kept inside, which raises all kinds of questions about what other illegal activities take place on Cayo Perico. 

In fact, that's exactly the kind of speculation that this discovery has inspired. One commenter in the thread said that they were worried this cage meant that there were more booby-traps hidden on the island. One can only imagine how GTA fans would react if Rockstar suddenly went full Uncharted with the latest GTA update.