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The UFO Easter Egg You Probably Missed In Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games loves to put Easter eggs in its titles, and Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. In this expansive world, spanning multiple states, there is plenty of space for secrets to lurk.

Staples of the paranormal, UFOs are a common thread among Rockstar games. Back in 2004, they appeared in GTA San Andreas as fast-moving, flashing lights which players would chase in vain: They've come a long way since.


While GTA 5's UFOs brought legions of peace-loving hippies to congregate at Sandy Shores, in the world of Red Dead, alien visitors have had a more disturbing impact. Exploring the various huts and shacks to the North East of New Hanover, you may stumble across a shocking surprise in one particular abandoned cabin, known as Hani's Bethel. The first thing you'll notice is the skeletons. Moldering bones are sprawled in beds or wrapped in tattered blankets, and it's clear that no one alive has been here for quite some time. The cabin itself is odd, too, filled with strange bottles and a large number of very drippy candles.

You might think at first that you've wandered into a grisly crime scene, but the truth is far stranger...


Following the trail

The main clue is a letter, containing a prayer that reads as follows: "At the second hour under the half moon; By the great love and grace of our savior Kuhkowaba; Voyager of time and galaxies; We cast off our corporal shells; So his vessel can take our spirits to the promised realm; To live in peace and power until the two thousandth year; When we will return for the new chosen; And worship once again at the peak of Mount Shann; In his love we rejoice always."


Spooky! Spookier still, though, is what happens if you return to the cabin at 2:00 am. The room will glow green, and if you look up, you can see, through cracks in the roof, an alien spaceship. As soon as you head out for a closer look, it'll fly off, so make sure you've finished admiring it before you leave the cabin.

That's not the last chance you'll have to find aliens in Red Dead Redemption 2. Head to the location described in the letter, and you'll find, at the very peak of Mount Shann, another UFO. After hovering before you for a few moments, it'll zoom away.

What lies behind the mystery

It doesn't take much to piece together what happened in Hani's Bethel. It appears the group committed suicide, "casting off their corporal shells" in an attempt to reach paradise. What brings the whole thing to a new level of horror is that this happened in real life: The Easter egg is a clear reference to the most infamous UFO incident in history, wherein 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult killed themselves in 1997 to try and reach a UFO they believed was trailing the Hale–Bopp comet.


There are a number of indications that this is a deliberate reference. Firstly, the initials of the comet match those of the cabin. Secondly, the condition of the skeletons, covered by blankets and wearing identical shoes, is a perfect fit for the images of the Heaven's Gate incident shown by the media.

So, is there anything left to be uncovered about the game's UFO mystery? It seems we've found all we can. PC users have shown that the UFO models are hollow, so there's probably no way to get abducted, despite the rumors. What's more, further sightings beyond these two have all been shown to be fakes!