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This Is What We Know About Valorant Agent 14

Valorant is set to add a new agent to its roster in Jan. 2021.

Riot Games is teasing the new chapter of Valorant, referred to as "Episode 2." Valorant Episode 2 comes coupled with the addition of a new agent. The details are minimal, but there have been small tidbits of information that suggest what the agent might look like and even how their abilities might function. Data miners have been hard at work to try and keep the player base up-to-date on the incoming agent release.


Even with Agent 14's imminent arrival, the mysterious character has been incredibly elusive. Riot Games has released silhouette models of the character on its media tab, but nothing that is a visible portrait. All that can be discerned for sure from that image is that Agent 14 wears a jacket and sports a spiky hairstyle.

What role will Agent 14 play in Valorant?

Another duelist?

At the very least, Agent 14 is confirmed to be another Duelist type character. In a blog post on the game's official site, Valorant Character Producer John Goscicki briefly touches on their own expectations of the Agents released by Riot. Goscicki writes, "The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you "lurkers" out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe." 


This blog post also gives players a lot more information than was previously available, as well as a few possible hints about the character. At one point Goscicki makes a comment about "lurkers," and writes that Agent 14 is someone "who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe."

Backing up these statements was the discovery of a possible in-game Easter egg posted on Twitter, in which a player saw blue footsteps appearing out of nowhere. This has led some players to speculate that Agent 14 might have some special stealth abilities. 

Agent 14 is sure to bring a new and interesting skillset, just based on the currently available information.