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How To Find The Silver Pegasus Mount In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising borrows more than a few ideas from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only did this liberal usage of game design concepts result in an experience critics enjoy, but it also afforded Ubisoft the opportunity to hide secrets in plain sight. For example, Fenyx Rising contains a cute tribute to Bob Ross, but it also conceals some powerful mounts that can completely change your gameplay experience.


While Immortals Fenyx Rising isn't awash in mounts, they're not exactly as rare as a golden fleece, either. You can find herds of deer and horses, as well as a few legendary creatures such as the Silver Pegasus Laurion. However, unless you know where Laurion hides, you might not ever find it without the luck of the gods. And you will probably want this Silver Pegasus because it can be found fairly early into the game. Granted, Laurion doesn't provide any extra boons since it has all the aerial grace of a real horse and not a Pegasus, but it is a literal silver steed, so you can't deny it points for style.

If you want to ride around Immortals Fenyx Rising on a Silver Pegasus, keep reading.

You won't have to clash against the rocks to find this Pegasus

The Silver Pegasus Laurion chills out in the Clashing Rocks, which is just southeast of the Valley of Eternal Spring (and southwest of War's Den). To be precise, you can find Laurion in the easternmost portion of the Clashing Rocks' southernmost island. Look for a large patch of grass kissing the ocean, and you should find Laurion there.


While locating Laurion is an easy task, actually reaching it is the exact opposite. Unless you have your wings and a good supply of stamina, you will have to push through punishingly difficult enemies. Granted, many of these opponents only pose a threat if you challenge them early on, so you could always wait a bit and return when you are stronger.

Since Laurion roosts in a flat plain, you won't find many ways to hide from the Pegasus and break line of sight. You might want to come back when you unlock the ability to turn invisible to make things easier. Also, be sure you save before you try approaching Laurion. If it runs away, you might need to partake in ye olde practice of save scumming.