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The Underrated Survival Horror Game You Need To Play On Xbox

Survival horror games were not always as popular as they are these days. In fact, the genre did not truly come into the limelight until big major titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill came to fame. Survival horror is not just simply a video game filled with jump scares and monsters. It is much more than that. 


Survival horror does something to fully immerse a player in a world of terror. According to James Cameron, director of Aliens, "It's in our nature to be afraid of the unknown, but also to be curious and explore, to use a flash light to delve into those dark corners — but god forbid that flashlight should fail." Monolith Productions' Condemned: Criminal Origins is a game that takes that particular experience and brings it to life. You might not have ever played this title before, so here's the deal with Condemned: Criminal Origins.

Condemned feels different

Condemned: Criminal Origins is a video game published by Sega and developed by Monolith Productions. The game was released for the Xbox 360 in 2005 and later ported to the PC in 2006. Players play as Agent Ethan Thomas as he tracks down serial killers. Ethan Thomas, who was a successful F.B.I. agent in the past, meets his match when he is framed for the murder of two F.B.I. agents. His only path to freedom is in tracking down the real killer and clearing his name.


The game's may sound basic on the surface, but there are multiple dark layers to Condemned: Criminal Origins. The more the game progresses and the plot takes twists and turns, the more supernatural and sinister it becomes. The game offers multiple avenues of combat. While guns are available (at some points), there is a large portion of the game where the player may have to make do with using blunt objects. The first-person perspective makes the entire experience feel more visceral, with enemies oftentimes taking up a good bit of your field of vision.

A sequel was also produced, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, which was released for Xbox 360 and PS3.