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How To Find The Iconic Skippy Pistol In Cyberpunk 2077

Despite its rocky release, it's safe to say that Cyberpunk 2077 is chock-full of content. While the main story is on the short side for a game of this scale, clocking in at just 20 hours, there's still a ton of secret and hidden content for players to discover: notably, iconic weapons. Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 come in four classes: melee, smart, tech, and power. But there are iconic weapons out there for players to acquire, too, and they all have names. These iconic weapons span the four classes and can be found during main jobs, side jobs, and in loot. One of these weapons is a gun that talks to you, named Skippy.


Skippy is a smart pistol enhanced with AI in the form of a bullet hologram with a nightmare-inducing face projected from the pistol. Skippy will talk to you as you go along, which could be either funny or a deal-breaker for players.

Where to find Skippy

Skippy can be found in an alley near the College Street station in Heywood, specifically Vista Del Rey. As you approach, you'll get an optional mission mark. Should you choose to undertake the mission, there will be a dead body in the alley with an open briefcase. Skippy will be sitting in the briefcase, and you can abscond with the pistol just like that.


What's cool about Skippy is he scales to whatever level the player is at, so he's neither overpowered nor underpowered for your level. He has two modes as well: a head-shot mode, labeled as "Stone Cold Killer," and a knee-shot mode, labeled as "Puppy-Loving Pacifist." These are lethal and non-lethal, respectively. Skippy will ask you which mode you want him in when you first pick him up, and you have your choice. He's been called "the best gun in the game," except for one little problem with him.

The problem with Skippy

According to various users on Reddit, there are some issues with Skippy: Once you hit 50 kills with Skippy, he'll "notify you that he's gathered enough user data and has decided to flip the shooting mode to the opposite of what you selected." So, if you chose head shots, you'll now permanently deliver non-lethal shots instead. Apparently, there's no way to avoid this, so it's recommended to choose non-lethal initially so Skippy will eventually permanently deliver head shots after 50 kills. A Cyberpunk 2077 wiki page for Skippy states this as well. 


After a full day, he'll also ask if you could return him to his rightful owner, and you'll get a side quest. Turns out, Regina Jones is Skippy's owner, and if you return him, you'll lose him forever but will at least get 7,000 eddies out of it. If you want to keep Skippy, just don't complete the quest.

Essentially, Skippy is a great gun with an auto-fire feature and a dark sense of humor, and he will either be entertaining or downright annoying. It's up to the player to make that decision.