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The Reason PUBG Mobile Just Banned 2 Million Players

One of gaming's most popular battle royale titles, PUBG Mobile, has just purged over 2 million accounts. Known as the "Ban Pan," this sweep was made in an effort to remove accounts that were cheating in the game. With these removals, players and PUBG alike hope that this will help keep things fair.

The official PUBG Mobile Twitter account made the announcement on Dec. 20, stating that from "December 11th-17th, 2,127,454 accounts have been permanently suspended from accessing our game." The reasons behind this ban most revolve around players using hacks, cheats, and modifications to blast through the competition.

With the announcement came a few graphs that broke down a lot of the data that made up the astounding number. According to one of the pie charts, a majority of the accounts (22 percent) that were banned were players that were Bronze ranked. In another graph that detailed the cheats that were being used, modifications made to character models were the main reason why most accounts were banned (31 percent). This was then followed by X-ray vision, auto-aim hacks, and modification of area damage, which also made up significant portions of the banned cheats chart. Players responding to the recent sweep were mostly glad that PUBG Mobile was continuing to make significant efforts to get rid of cheaters.

This isn't the first time that the company has gone through a massive purging of accounts. Back in August of this year, developers also banned over 2 million accounts for similar reasons, bringing the grand total of accounts banned this year to be well over 4 million. During this ban, X-ray vision and auto aim hacks were the main cheats that banned players were exploiting.

Since September, PUBG Mobile has been striving towards keeping the game fair. The game's anti-cheat team has been beefing up its security in an effort to prevent known cheats from being used. Additionally, a Replay Review System is currently in development, which will allow players to rewatch matches to see if players were using hacks to win a game. Ideally, the game's developers hope this new feature will prompt players to report hackers straight to the PUBG Mobile team so they can effectively and efficiently penalize cheaters.

PUBG Mobile's most recent patch was a crossover with Metro Exodus, a first-person shooter game developed by Deep Silver. The patch brought new themed gameplay modes based on the Metro series and a ton of new loot for players to grab. Hopefully now with this new ban, players can enjoy the fun without having to deal with pesky hackers.