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Fans Lose Their Minds Over Halsey And Corpse Husband Twitter Exchange

The world of entertainment and gaming just had a universal collision, and Twitter is loving it. 

American singer-songwriter Halsey took to Twitter on Sunday, Dec. 20, and posted a simple "hello," and mysterious YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband responded with a single word: "exactly." As the conversation continued between the two, Halsey excitedly stated that Corpse Husband was a "deep voice no face human!" Corpse Husband would respond and inform her that he also has a hand. Thank goodness.


The whole exchange went to the next level when Halsey requested Corpse Husband to teach her how to play Among Us. She said, "I want to play space Game. But I do not know how. Teach?" Corpse Husband promptly responded and informed her that he would be sliding into her DMs. Fans are really enjoying seeing a faceless internet personality, and a big-time celebrity (both known for their voices) seemingly coming together through gaming.

The interaction was taking Twitter by storm. Some fans were excited to see how Halsey would do in Among Us, with one user writing, "I feel like she'll be so good at it because [she would] be so unsuspecting at first[.]" One Twitter user expressed themselves by saying, "This whole interaction is so heartwarming. I can't believe how a game about murdering your friends could bring so many people together. We love to see it."


It is true that there is some intense irony here. People seem to be becoming friends in a game where you are forced to lie and gruesomely execute your pals in order to win. Is there anything more poetic?

For something that started innocently enough, not everyone is keen about the new development. Twitter user @Angel97Sana stated, "Not celebrities hitting on @Corpse_Husband ... I really hope he stays careful around these people[.]" Clearly, Corpse Husband has a loyal fan base that cares about his continued success and good mental health.

The random connection even left Twitter to wonder if anything was to come of the exchange. @ChaosIcon, a Corpse Husband supporter, asked "Collab?" There is no certainty what a collaboration between the two entertainers would possibly entail, but there's no doubt that fans would be interested in seeing Corpse Husband featured on the next Halsey album, laying down some bass vocals. Even if the collaboration wasn't a musical one at all, surely fans would also settle to see the two in a collaborative Among Us stream.

Twitter is going to have to sit tight and see how the story unfolds.