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EVE Online Players Call A Holiday Truce From Record-Breaking PvP Conflict

EVE Online is 100% player driven. Every alliance, trade negotiation, and large-scale war is controlled (and possibly destroyed) by the mutable whims of its in-game population. For the past several months, two of the title's biggest factions have locked horns in a Guinness World Record-breaking space battle — which isn't the first time EVE Online broke gaming records. However, these teams are calling for truce in time for the season of giving, which has resulted in an avalanche of support. It's basically a modern-day virtual rendition of the World War 1 Christmas Truce of 1914.


The leaders of several major EVE Online factions have started (or at least joined) a Reddit thread fittingly called "The Christmas Truce of 2020." It started with calls from the Goonswarm Federation and TEST Alliance asking players to not set offensive timers on Dec. 22 or 23, which will ensure none will activate on Dec. 24 or 25, thus freeing up players from PvP obligations. Other alliances have joined the cause, including the Pandemic Horde, The Initiative, and the Brave Collective.

The plan will free up time for dedicated EVE players, regardless of whether they focus on PvP or not, so they can spend time with their friends and family during the holidays. Moreover, this cessation of hostilities from one faction is designed to have a domino effect on their rivals. While the group leaders ask members to stay vigilant and hold their ground against rogue elements, they shun the idea of making any aggressive pushes into enemy territories.


Of course, this holiday declaration doesn't preclude the option of logging into the game. If you need a break from the family festivities, you can certainly play EVE Online, just not shoot at anyone. That is, of course, unless you plan on shooting freighters into loading bays. Inspired by the legendary soccer match that purportedly took place during the 1914 Christmas truce, many EVE players are using the ceasefire thread to arrange a makeshift soccer match in the depths of space. A few players are also trying to arrange Among Us and Rocket League matches with fellow EVE gamers.

While many players have voiced support for the truce, it remains to be seen how many will actually follow through with it. A declaration of peace like this is open season for unscrupulous players to approach others under the guise of holiday cheer, only to open fire and cost unsuspecting players thousands of dollars. On the bright side, PvP will resume after the holidays are over, so players can make up for lost time, especially if they are victims of an underhanded ambush.