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The Mario Famicom Disk Game That You've Probably Never Heard Of

So you think you're the biggest Super Mario fan. How much of a superfan are you? Have you played all of Mario's games? Even the ones Nintendo wants everyone to forget about? Are you celebrating his 35th anniversary as if it were your own birthday? Perhaps you've scored a pair of Mario sneakers. Sure, you saw the Super Mario Bros. movie in theaters and grew up on the incredibly weird Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Does all that really make you his number one fan?


The Mario series is such an iconic and important series in video game history that there's no shortage of superfans. At this point, pretty much every big Mario fan knows that Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels is actually original Japanese sequel to Super Mario Bros. However, there's another Famicom Disk System game that only the super-est of superfans are aware of.

If you think you are ready to enter the ranks of all-time Mario fans, then here is the Mario game you probably haven't heard of.

I Am a Teacher: Super Mario Sweater

Feeling a tad cold? Perhaps it's time to call upon Mario to knit you a sweater.

That's right! The multi-talented plumber had yet another skill that fell into obscurity before the main series really took off. Perhaps one of the weirdest Mario games, 1986's I Am a Teacher: Super Mario Sweater was a sewing simulator released in Japan that came out the same year as the original Super Mario Bros. 2. The game called for players to enter measurements and add images or patterns to their digital garments, turning them into some of the earliest forms of Super Mario Bros. merch, but in a purely digital medium.


You would think such a strange concept would be a one-off, but apparently, Mario returned to his sewing machine in the 2001 Game Boy Color game Mario Family. Even so, it's unclear if Mario will ever knit again. Whatever the case may be, Super Mario Sweater was a perfect way for gamers to satisfy that sweater itch — the itch to make a sweater, that is.