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This Was The Final Game Released For Sega Master System

Back in 1985, Sega entered the worldwide console market with its Sega Master System, a rebrand of its third-generation Japanese console, the Mark 3. The 8-bit home console used both cartridges and Sega's own alternative, the Sega MyCard, a smaller-storage game card that was cheaper to produce. The Sega Master System was a direct competitor to the Nintendo Entertainment System, though the console was ultimately unable to trump Nintendo's system in the key markets of Japan and North America. However, the Sega Master System did see success in other parts of the world, having sold 5 million units in Brazil and 6.95 million in Western Europe.


Following its initial release in Japan in 1985, the Sega Master System debuted in North American in 1986, and then in Europe in 1987. Overall, the system had a relatively short lifespan in most regions except Brazil, where the Sega Master System still thrived well into the 2010s. It was already discontinued in North America by 1992, and later on left Europe in 1996.

The last reported Sega Master System game did not come until many years later, unsurprisingly as a Brazil-only release.

Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

At the time, Sega signed off on a licensing agreement with a company called TecToy to produce Sega Master Systems locally in Brazil, which led to many Brazil-exclusive titles being produced. Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, developed and published by Designer Software, was first released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, and the Sega Game Gear. Despite the Sega Master System's decline in other regions, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge's Game Gear title was ported to the console in Brazil in 1998, marking the very final Sega Master System release.


The puzzle game saw players guiding Mickey Mouse through a series of challenges during a dream of trouble in a magical kingdom. The famous Disney mouse had to explore several rooms in the castle to collect magic beans and other items to save Beanswick. Some critics believed that the challenges were too easy and that Mickey's Ultimate Challenge was too short.