Street Fighter V Teaser Unveils Akuma As Next DLC Character

Capcom has released a teaser trailer pointing to the demonic Akuma as the next DLC character coming to Street Fighter V.

According to IGN, the teaser trailer was revealed after the finals at the Red Bull Battle Grounds event. It's only half a minute long, but it gives us a look at what seems to be the ruins of a dojo, as well as the animation for Akuma's powerful "Shun Goku Sastu" attack, which is otherwise known as the "Raging Demon."

This powerful attack darkens the screen and lights it up with purple flashes as Akuma deals a dizzying amount of damage to his opponent. Once the move has been completed, Akuma usually stands with his back towards the screen and a glowing message in kanji can be seen on his gi. In this video, that kanji—the same one Shin Akuma had in Capcom vs. SNK 2—loosely translates to "godlike."

The teaser ends by letting us know that Street Fighter fans can try him out at the PlayStation Experience, an event in Anaheim, California scheduled to take place on December 3 and December 4, 2016. Head out there if you want to experience the Shotokan horror known as Akuma, and try not to spam certain moves.