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The Bizarre Story Behind Wario's True Nemesis

Wario — he's rude, he's crude, and he's got a bad attitude. He is the anti-Mario, and while he began his career as a foil to the heroic plumber, he isn't always the bad guy. In fact, Wario was once the victim of a terrible crime committed by Mario — theft. You heard that right. Mario swiped a priceless statue of Princess Peach from Wario after he fought an entire legion of pirates to unearth the treasure.


When Wario isn't busy being rivals with Mario or running WarioWare Inc., he's off adventuring — usually for his own gain. When it's Wario's turn to be the protagonist, who serves as his antagonist? Who could possibly be rotten enough to be his archenemy?

A pirate by the name of Captain Syrup, that's who. She was in Wario's first adventure and has since been his sworn enemy. Though she hasn't gotten the same kind of attention as brutal villains like Bowser or Dr. Robotnik, she certainly deserves recognition. This is the bizarre story behind Captain Syrup, Wario's true nemesis.

Wario is sour, but is Captain Syrup sweet?

A Nintendo character many gamers don't know about, Captain Syrup has largely been forgotten because she didn't really stick around. After Wario Land 2, she disappeared from the main series until 2008's Wario Land: Shake It! Aside from three Wario Land titles, Captain Syrup only popped up for two small cameos. With that said, how did she and Wario come to be bitter enemies?


There's quite a gray area in their good/evil dynamic. While Wario is technically the protagonist, and Captain Syrup is no angel herself, she didn't exactly start the fight. In his quest for obscene wealth, Wario decided to rob the dastardly Captain and her minions of the treasures they themselves stole. You probably wouldn't take such an act so lightly, either.

In retaliation, Syrup robbed Wario blind, forcing him on another adventure in the name of greed in which he defeated her once more. Though this should have been the start of a beautiful rivalry, she vanished for ten years, eventually returning in Wario Land: Shake It! as more of a friendly rival to the uncouth antihero. In the end, however, she finally got her revenge and made off with his treasure.