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Elden Ring Might Be Closer To Release Than We Thought

As the wait for Elden Ring continues, rumors about the upcoming FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin project are coming to a boil. Although FromSoftware has yet to issue any statement regarding the release date of Elden Ring, a recent conversation between a streamer and journalist regarding the title's debut is making waves within the gaming community. This recent discussion hints at a possible release window that may be sooner than fans initially thought.

WesaTwitch, an Italian streamer, recently spoke with Francesco Fossetti, editor of Everyeye. During the conversation, Fossetti had mentioned that Elden Ring's development cycle is coming to a close, and FromSoftware is now gearing up to enter the polishing phase of production. Fossetti further elaborated, stating that the game would've been released by now if the pandemic hadn't delayed the game's development.

A rough translation of the conversation was posted on the Elden Ring subreddit. The discussion between the duo also touched on Elden Ring's announcement date, and whether or not enough time has passed to justify this rumor. According to the translation, Fossetti stated that "8 months of polishing completely disappeared. This seems to indicate that, at the beginning of 2020, the game was nearing completion just only six months after its announcement at E3 2019. Therefore, with the game entering its polishing phase now, we should expect Elden Ring sometime early next year.

Like most rumors, this "insider secret" shouldn't be taken at face value. Without being on the actual development team of Elden Ring, it's almost impossible to know how far the game is in production, and FromSoftware has definitely kept a tight lid on the game's cycle. The only other recent bit of news that offered insight came from Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who actually played the game. While he didn't offer a ton of information about the game's mechanics, he did praise Elden Ring's director Hidetaka Miyazaki, stating that the game is the director's "most ambitious" and "challenging" title. 

Currently, Elden Ring's development and release date still remains a mystery. While Fossetti's comments hint at an early 2021 debut, it's almost near impossible to believe this without confirmation from FromSoftware. While it's more than likely true that the game could've been delayed due to the pandemic, whether or not FromSoftware was gearing up for a late 2020 release is hard to determine. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that there haven't been any follow-up trailers for the game, nor information regarding gameplay or plot.

There's still much left to be announced for Elden Ring, but fans anxiously awaiting the title might get some relief in the next upcoming months should this rumor turn out to be true.