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New Overwatch Arcade Mode Is Live On The Public Test Realm

Overwatch's new Arcade mode is now live on the Public Test Realm, giving fans a chance to try out the five new features.

According to Kotaku, Arcade lets players queue for 1v1 Mystery Duel, 3v3 Elimination, 6v6 Mystery Heroes, 6v6 No Limits, and All Brawls. The 1v1 Mystery Duel assigns players a random hero on a new map called Eco-Point Antarctica. In this new arena, players will hunt each other down, having to adapt themselves to the random hero they've been given.


The 3v3 Elimination game requires teamwork, because there are no respawns after you die. Once you go down, you go down for good and your team is that much weaker for your loss. Don't expect lone wolf tactics to work here.

In 6v6 Mystery Heroes mode, players will respawn as different characters every time they die, so you'll have to learn to adapt here as well. This playstyle makes it so that the team compositions are always shaken up, forcing players to get used to more characters and their interactions with other heroes.

Cecilia D'Anastasio of Kotaku said that the All Brawls mode "is a wildcard" and that 6v6 No Limits is "basically Quick Play as it is now." Whatever the case may be with those last two modes, we're interested in seeing how much better we'll get at other heroes thanks to Arcade mode's constant switching of characters. You'll just have to be flexible and keep in mind that there are certain things you shouldn't do in the game if you want to have successful matches.