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The Bizarre Bowser Theory In Super Mario Sunshine

When it comes to Mario and Bowser, what you see is what you get. You couldn't find more classic examples of the hero and villain archetypes. Ever since they first met (in a boss battle that, in all honesty, didn't challenge anyone), they've been sworn enemies. While Bowser's look has changed quite a bit since his debut in Super Mario Bros., not much else has changed between the two adversaries over the years. You can feel confident knowing where they both stand ... even if you can pair them together in Mario Kart: Double Dash and other party/sports games.


When it comes to Princess Peach, however, things get a little murky. What is going on with Mario and Peach's relationship? And how does Bowser fit into the picture? Is the Princess truly a hostage to Bowser's desires, or is she complicit in some way? Peach has done some terrible things, but could she have a dark secret she's hiding from Mario? 

Sure, Mario has had his fair share of love interests, but to think Peach could have possibly conceived a child with Bowser? This is the bizarre theory behind Bowser Jr.'s "Mama Peach" claim in Super Mario Sunshine.

Who's the mama?

In Super Mario Sunshine, gamers were introduced to Bowser Jr., who claimed that Princess Peach was his mother. This information, of course, came straight from Papa Bowser himself, so one would assume it was a lie. Bowser Sr. even admitted to the lie in the game's ending, to which his son responded that he knew all along. You'd think speculation would end there, but fans see it differently.


Many gamers took note of the way Peach responded when Bowser Jr. called her "Mama Peach." TenCentFang on Reddit noted that "she doesn't deny it in anyway," implying that Bowser was actually lying in the end to put his son's mind at ease. In another thread, one Redditor put the word "Lied" in quotation marks in response to an explanation that Bowser lied about Peach being the mother, while another felt that her failure to deny the claim added credibility to the notion.

There's another theory about Peach's reaction: According to u/tveye363 and u/blindedbytheblight, it's canon that storks deliver babies. As such, Peach may have assumed that Bowser Jr. was supposed to be delivered to her. Regardless, the debate continues as to whether or not she's the mama.