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Here's Why Kratos Is Trending On Twitter

Recently, Kratos has been on the lips and minds of gamers. During the September PlayStation 5 showcase, Sony teased God of War: Ragnarok, and Epic Games decided to help fans spend the wait with a special Kratos skin for Fortnite. And now Kratos has turned his sights to Twitter. It's currently difficult to navigate the site without bumping into someone who mentions him, whether they are praising Kratos or just randomly inserting his name into a post about a goat attacking a bicycle. So why all the sudden Twitter mentions? Did someone post some God of War: Ragnarok leaks? Did Sony cheekily imply Kratos is the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter? The answer is more mundane.


It seems to have begun when, at around three in the morning on Dec. 30, Twitter user @nnayidavid asked a simple question: If the MCU's Thanos fought Kratos, who would win? They do not mention any handicaps, such as Thanos not using the Infinity Stones or Kratos only wielding the Blades of Chaos — just a simple, no-holds barred battle between the two characters. Many commenters responded with their pick, and the answers seemed evenly divided between the fighters. But then, Twitter took off from there.

Audiences used the original deathmatch question as a springboard to post virtually anything even tangentially related to Kratos. Some linked personal Kratos-themed art projects and baked goods, others posted memes that made fun of his nickname ... as well as one of the more infamously adult quick time events in God of War history. Meanwhile, others hypothesized other potential death battles, such as Kratos vs. Thor, while some were just happy to see Kratos trending on Twitter.


One Twitter user, Shango Simms, took the original question and Kratos' newfound Twitter fame as an excuse to flex his pop culture muscles and provide a definitive answer. According to his research, the result depends on which version of Thanos ends up fighting Kratos. If the God of War battled the MCU Thanos, Kratos would probably win with one arm tied behind his back, but if he fought the original comic book version, the opposite would be true. And that would be before Thanos got his mitts on the Infinity Stones.

So that's it. Chalk up Kratos' Twitter trend to a random question asked by a random user that went way off the rails, possibly because both characters got guest star spots in Fortnite. If only Epic Games would re-release the Thanos skin, then fans could see once and for all if Simms' prediction is accurate.