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Japan Now Has A Pokémon Plane

It looks like a specific Japanese airline is gearing up to be the very best, like no one ever was. As a part of a tourism collaboration between Solaseed Airlines and The Pokémon Company, the two organizations have completely decked out planes in a Pokémon-themed aesthetic.

According to a report from CNN, Solaseed debuted the first Pokémon Plane on Dec. 19 in Miyazaki City. The featured Pokémon on the plane was Exeggutor, due to its resemblance to the phoenix palm tree that can be found in Miyazaki. The exterior of the plane had lime-green wingtips and turbines with Exeggutors painted along the side. Inside the plane, passengers would find themselves face to face with green seats that feature an illustration of Exeggutor in both its normal and Alolan form on the headrest. In addition to Pokémon-themed planes, buses in Miyazaki City also feature an Exeggutor aesthetic. Pictures of the Exeggutor plane and bus have begun circulating around Twitter, much to the delight of fans.

This collaboration is known as Pokémon Local Acts, an effort between tourism organizations and The Pokémon Company to promote different areas around Japan. Various regions of Japan each have their own dedicated local Pokémon. Hokkaido, a northern island in Japan, has Vulpix as its mascot in both its normal and Alolan form, due to the colder climate in the area. Additionally, Fukushima received Chansey, due to the Pokémon's knack for bringing good fortune. This coincides nicely with the word "fuku," which means "luck."

Slapping Pokémon on any product is almost guaranteed to get gamers excited, even if they are unable to fly in these Japan-only planes. Just recently, an eye-wear company in Japan released a slew of Pokémon-themed glasses for consumers to choose from. From Snorlax to Chikorita, there are a variety of glasses to choose from, and each come with their own Pokémon-themed case, cloth, and sticker.

Generally speaking, Nintendo has been really turning its marketing campaigns up a notch. Just two weeks ago, the company gave fans a first look at Super Nintendo World, a theme park dedicated to Super Mario Bros. The park contained blocks, coins, and a ton of enemies from the series. One of the main attractions included Bowser's Castle, and a few teasers of specific activities can partake in when the park opens to the public. Unlike the Pokémon planes, this park will come to Universal Studios locations in California, Orlando, and Singapore.