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CouRage Pays It Forward By Donating Thousands To Smaller Streamers

YouTube gamer CouRage got into the holiday spirit this year, teaming up with online fundraiser platform Tiltify to donate a total of $50,000 to small time streamers online. CouRage held a charity in April to raise money for people affected by COVID-19, acquiring half a million dollars in the process. CouRage, who moved from Twitch to YouTube last year, wished to spread more cheer once again by donating $5,000 to ten different streamers' charity fundraisers in a video posted to his YouTube channel.


The first lucky streamer was CephasRed VS., who had only six viewers during his stream and was attempting to raise $200 for Red Nose Day while singing a lovely rendition of "Silent Night." CouRage complimented the streamer's voice in chat, while waiting patiently for CephasRed VS to notice his generous contribution. It took a while, but once the small streamer looked again at the numbers, he was blown away. He expressed his enthusiastic gratitude to CouRage for far surpassing his $200 goal.

One streamer was a veteran raising money for Mission 22, a charity that reaches out to veterans who suffer from PTSD and depression. The streamer was cynical at first when CouRage stated in chat that he would donate $5,000 to the cause, but was soon moved to tears when he realized that it was no joke. The veteran thanked CouRage profusely and stated that he had friends whom he had lost to suicide, and the charity was very personal to him.


Many of the streamers on CouRage's video had goals set far less than the amount contributed, and were shocked to receive such a generation donation. CouRage delighted in the reactions of the lucky streamers, stating that he wished he could donate a million dollars. Charities such as St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Toys for Tots, the American Heart Association, and Save the Children were among those benefited by Tiltify and CouRage.

CouRage himself was the recipient of a generous donation in Aug. 2018 when streamer MrBeast challenged him to win a solo match of Fortnite during a livestream, rewarding CouRage with a gift of $70,000. Teaming up with Miniminter, MrBeast offered the prize to other streamers online with the same challenge, but CouRage was the first to win.

It was perhaps this act of generosity which inspired CouRage to pay it forward and help out other streamers who were hoping to contribute to their own causes. Whatever the reason, the YouTuber made the holidays a little brighter for these charities and smaller streamers.